Life Blood

Life Blood

This is a montage that I made after pondering the similarities between drones in a hive and industrialism. This parallel has been given before, as demonstrated with the commonly recognized “Deseret” hive that is so prevalent here in Salt Lake.

But there are connotations of the symbol that I find unnerving. The idea came to me while working in a cubicle. I realized that the similarities between my job and a hive were not merely representational. The cubicles that lined the office building literally resembled a honeycomb.

This image followed later. My image should also invoke the impression that there is a trade of “time for currency”. In the bee’s case, it is their short life span for the nectar they create. In our case, our life blood for the almighty dollar.

My hope is that this in turn invokes questions about the usage of time and controversial nature of social classes, in particular the exploitation of the workers in lower social classes.

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